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Michele George is a voice specialist in private practice as well as a singer and actor. She has worked with thousands of men and women, in private and group sessions and in large seminars, helping them find and express the most profound levels of their being through the voice. Her bestselling tapes Drink from the Well and River of Song, River of Life have reached many more.

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In simplest terms, Michele George is a therapeutic voice specialist. She has been working professionally and therapeutically with the voice for 25 years. In more intimate, perhaps more meaningful terms, Michele is a woman who has come to a profound recognition of the power and importance of the voice on her own journey: "I hear the crying need everywhere I am, beginning in my own broken heart, my own grief-stricken body, my own enraged mind...I am deeply touched by the universality of the need to let the voice find its home, to move down into the container, this body, the home of the spirit here on Earth."

Through her private practice, Michele shares her experience, knowledge, and compassion with individuals and groups seeking "to attune the instrument which they are".

Michele came to this work gradually, after almost 20 years of work as an actress, singer and director. Her background is impressive: 10 years' work with director Peter Brook's International Centre for Theatre Research in Paris included performances in Orghast at Persepolis, African Journey, and Conference of the Birds, taking her across four continents. During the past 20 years, based in Toronto, she has performed in an equally broad array of works: On Earth As It Isn't Heaven (a one-woman show staged at the Groundswell Festival), Mother Courage (at the Bathurst Street Theatre, with director Steven Kent), The War in Heaven (a collaboration with Sam Shepard and director Joseph Chaikin), Mythos Oedipus (at La Mama Theatre in New York, with director Min Tanaka), and as the Alchemist in Murray Schafer's Hermes Trismegistus, performed in Toronto Union Station's Great Hall.

Click here to view a review of one of Michele's performances. (Last Chance Soul Loon, 1994)

She has as well directed a wide range of plays: Marat/Sade, Children of a Lesser God, Fool for Love, Midsummer Night's Dream, Caucasian Chalk Circle, Native Earth Performing Arts' musical play Diva Ojibway, and others, mounted in such venues as the National Theatre School, the Premiere Dance Theatre, the National Arts Centre, Toronto Free Theatre and the George Ignatieff Theatre.

Throughout the years, she has continued to sing, in solo performances at Toronto's Music Gallery, and with a list of musicians that reads like your fantasy subscription series: Barre Phillips, Derek Bailey, Toshi Tsuchitori, Casey Sokol, David Mott, John Surman, Josh White and Bobby McFerrin.

Gradually -- in part as a result of the musical cobweb of which she had come to form a crucial strand -- and through her own Jungian analysis, Michele's attention and intention became ever more focussed on personal empowerment. Since 1980, she has expanded her personal repertoire to include the roles of workshop designer, leader and trainer. Her desire to manifest herself and others as sound beings has led to her joining the faculty of both New York's Open Center and Omega Center; to work with writer/philosopher Jacob Needleman in San Francisco; the International Training Congress sponsored by Equity Showcase; a Toronto cancer self-help group; Esther Myers' Yoga Studio; Interface, in Watertown, Massachusetts; the Annual Conference of the Association for Humanistic Psychology in Vermont; and the Toronto Conference on Creativity and Renewal, for which she designed and led the vocal participation, in collaboration with Jungian analyst Marion Woodman and poet Robert Bly.

For more information, contact Michele at 416-657-7897 or email michele@michelegeorge.com.